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The 10 of Swords.

Posted on 3 July, 2019 at 5:00

The 10 of Swords from the Dark Mansion Tarot shows a forlorn scene with a skeletal figure buckling under the weight of the swords piercing him. He's holding his head (skull? :) ) in his hands as this relates to issues that worry us or play on our minds causing us upset and distress. The scene is dark and quite barren, symbolising how many of us feel when we find ourselves in this position; it's as though there's no help available to us. Even if there is some aid, we usually fail to see it. On a positive note, this is the 10 of the suit, showing us we've suffered the worst and that this period will soon come to an end. It may not make us feel much better in the meantime while we're going through this anguish, but the knowledge that we can move on from it can give us hope and help us look for a solution or way out of the situation we're in. The full moon in the sky helps to provide light for the figure, showing him there are alternatives to his situation, and to ours too. There's the hint of a new day dawning in the background, helping us to start each day afresh, encouraging us to look forwards rather than remaining stuck where we are. It'll be hard, but it can be possible!! Good luck :)


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