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The Moon.

Posted on 4 July, 2019 at 4:20

The Moon card from the Dark Mansion Tarot is a scene of darkness and illusions, such as the river becoming a ribbon. By day, with the light of the sun, this landscape would have a very different appearance to at night, especially as this is when the nocturnal creatures come out that we're not as familiar with. Which is the true picture, what version should we go by, is it right to always trust what we can see implicitly? These are questions we need to ask ourselves as the Moon is a reminder that things aren't always as they first seem or appear to be. The woman in the picture is seemingly doing the impossible, which can give us hope if we're in a situation we're struggling to see a way out of. We need to trust in our capabilities, try new ideas and be willing to accept alternative explanations to get the most out of our positions in life. If we're being lied to it shouldn't be long until we see through the deception we've been presented with as this also makes us aware of the matters that aren't quite right or going how they should be. As a warning, this also reminds us not to try and deceive or trick others as any success will be short lived. Finally, I like that this card has no full moon in it, which most Moon cards do in Tarot decks, as it's not only the full moon that is significant. This one seems darker than most, which is relevant as new moon (also known as dark moon) has just been (2nd July), which is a great time for new beginnings and projects, encouraging us to start on a new path in life.


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