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The 3 of Cups.

Posted on 10 July, 2019 at 4:30

The 3 of Cups is today's card for us from the Dark Mansion Tarot. It shows a happy scene with two women and a man socialising and drinking together. There's lots of food on the table, it's lovely weather and the setting is perfect for them. In our busy lives it often seems that keeping in touch with people for social reasons (rather than seeing them in a work related capacity) is more of a luxury nowadays. We're all so busy, despite having so much technology to supposedly lesson our work loads. Even when we are with our friends and family, how often are we looking at e-mails or social media and not really engaging with the people we're with? It becomes a habit that can be hard to break. This message reminds us how good old fashioned face to face interaction can be. It's time for us to spend a bit of time seeing the people we may have neglected or been too busy to get together with for some time, to pick up the phone and have a chat with those who live further away, and to generally remember what it's like to have fun with people.


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