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The Queen of Cups.

Posted on 16 July, 2019 at 5:05

We have another Queen today from the Gummy Bear Tarot, this time the Queen of Cups. Her throne sits at the point where the water and land meet, showing she's very in tune with emotional matters, but is also still grounded. She has a lot of sense, stability and compassion, meaning she'll do her best for those who come to her for help and advice. She encourages us to open our hearts, to be there for our loved ones and to be in tune with our intuition. Looking back at the cards I've drawn for this page over the last few weeks I noticed that majority of the cards have been from the suits of Cups and Swords. In many ways these can be seen as being opposite to each other; the cold, logic of Swords versus the watery, flowing emotional aspects of the Cups, but I see that they compliment each other as too much of one or the other can result in imbalance in our lives. We need to temper too much logic with a smidgen of intuition, and much as we have dreams we're hoping to make reality we still need to work out a plan and think about the practical side of matters if we want to make them happen.


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