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Orca Magick.

Posted on 1 August, 2019 at 4:55

Orca Magick is our card today from the lovely Oracle of the Shapeshifters. We are said to have evolved from the sea-creatures, whales are known to be highly intelligent, plus many people find whale-song soothing, so it's not surprising that there are magical links between us and the water on our planet. Water is the element often related to emotions and intuition in divination, so this calls on us to listen to our inner voice, to see the sign around us and try to work out what the messages are saying. Seeing the signs is usually the easy part-deciphering them can take a lot more practice! However, the more we try and work on our skills, the better we'll become at them over time. This area needs practising on as much as learning a language or maths does. It may appear that some people are more “magical” than others, but it's probably just that they've spent a lot of time honing their craft. True, some people will find it easier than others to begin with, in the same way that some may be more talented at sports or science than the average person is, but we all have the ability inside us to do this and to increase our skills over time. It's also easy to let this side of us lapse and become static if we forget our practice or leave it to one side in favour of other aspects of our lives. If this happens, once we're aware of what's happening we can go back to where we left off and start working on our abilities once more. It's never too late to draw on our inner magic and see what it takes us.


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