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Artemis of the Forest.

Posted on 2 August, 2019 at 5:55

Artemis of the Forest is the final card of the week for us from the Oracle of the Shapeshifters. The girl in the picture is in a forest with nothing but animals around her, yet she looks confident and as though this won't be a problem to her, with her steady stare and comfortable pose. The keywords on this card are: Now you are independent and free. This is good advice for us as it's so easy to feel trapped or as though we have no choice regarding what we do with our lives. Some things may be harder to do or break free from than others, and some matters we have more control or influence over, but whatever happens in our lives we are more capable than we probably realise and can do without many of the things we think we need day to day. This message can help us to strip back to basics, to think about what we really need and to consider if our lives would be less stressful and not as complicated if we could cut back on some of the luxuries or items that are excessive in our lives. Downsizing is the new buzzword, along with the philosophy of only keeping things that are useful or that “spark joy.” Can we free ourselves from the constraints of the things we can do without? It won't be easy, but can bring with it the rewards of a freer and simpler, more back to basics lifestyle.


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