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Pink Lotus Fairy.

Posted on 6 August, 2019 at 5:45

I'm using another of Jasmine Beckett—Griffith's decks this week, this time it's the turn of the Oracle of Shadows and Light. Today's card is the Pink Lotus Fairy, with the keywords: A time for spirit. The fairy in this picture is well and truly concentrating on her meditation; she wants to be immersed in this in order to get the most out of it. In the past she may have let her practices slip and not been as disciplined as she'd planned to be, but now she's determined to get back on track again, bringing more balance into her life. It can be easy to forget the things that used to be important to us, to get bogged down by the mundane issues in life and forget to look after ourselves (particularly our spiritual selves), or we may find we're partying more than usual and feel out of synch in some way. This helps us to reassess what we're doing and see if we can make improvements in any area of our lives to get us back on track again. What will help us feel more connected? Will more meditation or self-help be beneficial to us? Are there any practices we used to do that we feel drawn to getting back into again? It's time to listen to our intuition, to become more balanced and see how spirit can make improvements in our lives.


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