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Posted on 12 August, 2019 at 5:05

Poe, with the keywords- Time for change, to learn something new, advanced technology, is a great card from the Oracle of Shadows and Light to start our week. This is a reminder to us that things can't stay the same forever, even if we'd like them to. If we're able to embrace change rather than fighting or resisting it we should be able to make the transition much more easily and with less pain. In the long run. Easier said than done, but good to bear in mind as we approach the tasks we may not be too keen on but we know need to be attempted in order to make progress in our lives. Another aspect of this message is to encourage those of us who are actively looking to make changes in our lives to act on our desires. A new day, a new week, a new start- we can help change to come into our lives partly by making sure our mindset is in the right place, by looking for opportunities to make our own and also by working out plans to help us get what we want and then putting them into motion. If possible, taking some sort of control in the matters we're dealing with will help us in both scenarios as it's much better if we feel as though we can guide or steer the situation we're in rather than just being a victim of our circumstances.


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