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The 8 of Wands.

Posted on 28 August, 2019 at 4:35

The 8 of Wands from the Dark Mansion Tarot shows a Postmistress flying around with a satchel full of letters, taking them to their destinations as fast as possible. This brisk paced situation will have come about after a slower period when the letters would have been sorted and addresses checked. After a time of slow and painstaking work, the reward is a burst of activity as the desired results are finally achieved. This is likely to be the case for many of us with certain activities and projects we have on the go. For example, a new hobby can take a while to master, but once we've “cracked it” we're able to make much faster progress. This message can inspire us to keep going, to give us hope that we're on the right track and help us see that we need to go through the slower period first, consolidating matters and ensuring we know what we're doing (and to the right standard), before being able to rush off out into the world and tell everyone what we've done and what we're hoping to accomplish next. We may be surprised at just how fast it all takes off once the wheels have been set into motion!


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