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The 6 of Cups.

Posted on 29 August, 2019 at 5:50

Today's card from the Dark Mansion Tarot is the 6 of cups, showing a woman reminiscing as she looks at photos that bring back happy memories for her. Many of us love doing similar things, often wishing we could go back to a particular period in time that we remember as being perfect. We're reminded of our mortality, how fast our children grow up and the amount our circumstances may have changed (or stayed static) over time. Many emotions can be brought up; some happy, some sad, some spurring us on to make the changes we've long been putting off. Looking back to the past can be beneficial when it makes us smile, reminds us how far we've come since then and generally brings back good memories, but we need to be able to move on from it and not stay stuck there. There can be painful memories too (especially those we've repressed or had forgotten), or we may wish things hadn't changed in the way they did, so we want to return to how our lives used to be. This isn't possible, but we can waste a lot of time wishing it were instead of concentrating of what we have going for us now and working out how to make our lives full of meaning again. We can learn from the lessons of our past, build on the positives in our lives and believe in ourselves and what we can accomplish as we look and see what we've already managed to achieve.


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