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The 9 of Coins.

Posted on 10 September, 2019 at 5:45

The 9 of Coins from the Bonefire Tarot is likely to be a welcome message to many of us today as it relates to abundance and reaping the rewards of our labours. This is about having what we need and more, of meeting our expectations and being able to enjoy the results our hard work has brought into our lives. On the flip side, as there often is, this time spent building up our business or making sure we meet expectations in order to manifest the things we need into our lives can lead to isolation, time spent away from those we love and a period of needing to be pretty single minded in order to get the job done. We're worthy of the rewards we've achieved, but there is a need to check if our lives are in balance and see if we're happy with the new timetable we've built into our lives in order to get to this position. The woman in the card is surrounded by coins, but is at some distance from her house, facing away from it. Many people have to work away from home in order to pay the bills or support the lifestyle they want. Sometimes this is a necessity and other times it's a choice and sacrifice people are willing to make in order to see their long term goals come about. There's no right or wrong way to live, but a reality check to make sure we're happy with the way our own lives are going is always welcome.


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