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The 7 of Coins.

Posted on 12 September, 2019 at 4:25

The Bonefire 7 of Coins shows a hard working woman with her baby, balancing motherhood with her career and needs of her family. It's hard for her to ensure everyone's needs are met, as well as being able to pay the necessary bills, and guilt can creep in and bother her if she has to put in extra hours in order to make sure she can make ends meet. The message here is a reminder that we are allowed to take a well deserved break, to recharge our batteries and look after ourselves too. We can't physically work all the hours there are, and if we overdo it we'll be worse off in the long run if it means we have to pull back to the extent that we're struggling even more. Finding balance is hard but important, and that level can change over time depending on our health and the responsibilities we have. Nothing is set in stone or needs to be exactly the same forever; adapting to changes in our lives, weighing up our options and seeing what makes life meaningful will all help us find our own equilibrium. We can then enjoy the rewards of our labours and make the most of a well earned rest without worries playing on our minds quite as much.


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