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The 8 of Wands.

Posted on 13 September, 2019 at 5:20

The final outing from the Bonefire this week brings us the 8 of Wands with eight fiery pine cones whizzing past over the frozen landscape below. As they pass over the icy scene they cause melting, and even for some things to catch fire themselves, showing that this event will leave a significant and long lasting legacy in its wake. This could be an unexpected bolt out of the blue, a message we weren't expecting or one that catches us unawares. It can also relate to the feeling we have when we've been waiting for something to happen but it feels as if we're getting nowhere despite wanting to make progress, and then suddenly everything takes off and we advance as a rapid pace, possibly even faster than we were hoping for or wanting to go. Nothing will be the same once these events come into our lives as we'll have to make decisions quickly, act instinctively and at times let go and see where it all takes us. This is the culmination of many aspects of our lives coming together, hard work paying off and past connections being built on and expanding. Hold on tight, who knows where it could take us all!!!


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