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The 7 of Pentacles.

Posted on 3 October, 2019 at 4:35

Today's card from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight is the 7 of Pentacles, showing a group of people playing musical instruments together. There's a lone figure in the background who may be watching the others, or it could be that they want to join in and are working out how to approach them to ask. Other interpretations I have of this lone person are that they feel as though they're on the outside looking at the group they'd like to be involved with but can't be for some reason, that they're taking a rest from playing their part in the band, or even that they've come along to try and bring some order to it all as it does looks as though there's some confusion in their playing and that they need some organisation to achieve the band's potential.

I like how this one, small person, a part of the card that may not even be noticed at first and may be dismissed by some people, can bring so much more to its overall meaning and can change how the card is interpreted. Today I mostly feel that this outsider has come along to bring order to the chaos in the main part of the picture. The others look as though they need leadership and direction, and so the lone figure is going to give it a go and see what they can do with this state of affairs. This doesn't mean we should charge into a situation and take over, but if our services are asked for, if a job needs doing and we're the ones with the skills for it or we're invited to take part in a collaboration this could be a good time to get stuck in and get good results.


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