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The Page of Swords.

Posted on 17 October, 2019 at 5:10

The Dark Mansion's Page of Swords shows a feisty looking young man holding his sword, ready to spring into action. He has plenty of ideas and plans he wants to see become reality, and doesn't have much patience while he's waiting for them to get off the ground. It's great he has the drive and energy for these projects, but if he rushes into them too fast he could make a mistake he'll regret at a later date. This reminds us to check over our paperwork, to ensure we have everything we need in place and to consider all possibilities and their contingencies when we're working on anything that means a lot to us and that we want to make a success of. We could miss out bits, be less careful than usual or not be up to our usual standard if we try and rush through everything too fast in our excitement to get things done. Finding the balance between using our energies wisely so we're not stifling our ideas and applying ourselves to these plans with a clear head while still enjoying our tasks will get us further in the long run than blustering in without much thought to the future.


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