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The 2 of Pentacles.

Posted on 7 November, 2019 at 6:10

The Two of Pentacles from the Witches' Tarot shows a young boy juggling two large coins, showing he has a lot on his plate, but to date he appears to be managing to cope with it all. This list of things to do is never-ending though, leading him to wonder how long he can keep up this work and when it will all get to much for him.

This is likely to be relevant to many of us; how many times do we take on more work, commitments and projects without a thought as to how we're actually going to be able to fit it all into our lives? We're brought up to find it hard to say “no” or we feel guilty if we don't at least try and take on these extra activities as we worry we'll be letting other people down if we don't. At some point, however, things will get too much, we'll crack or just close down as we're unable to cope with everything we've taken on. Being aware of these issues before it gets to breaking point is better than allowing it all to build up, so taking stock of our lives, seeing what we can do to simplify them and cutting down on some of our commitments will all help us feel as though we're more in control of matters again and give us a bit more welcome breathing space.


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