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The Wheel of Fortune.

Posted on 21 November, 2019 at 5:35

The Portland Tarot's Wheel of Fortune card shows the same man in two different scenarios; one when he was down on his luck and the other when he was in a more fortunate position, as he meets himself in a place he's been to during both the up and down periods of his life. This is a reminder to us that life has many unexpected events in store for us, that there will be good and bad times, but most of all we need to remember that things will be in a constant state of change, so if we can look out the opportunities that will benefit us we'll stand a better chance of having more “up” times than down, or at least be better equipped to cope with the lower times and see them as being a temporary state of affairs that we'll be able to move on from in time. The wheel goes round and round, up and down, but rarely stops, helping us to constantly move forwards in some shape or form.


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