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Posted on 26 November, 2019 at 4:10

This week it's the turn of the Trionfi Della Luna Major Arcana deck by Patrick Valenza, who describes it as the Medieval styled cousin to the Deviant Moon Tarot. Today's card is Temperance, with a woman standing near a river, pouring water from one of her chalices to the other. She has a single wing, one of her feet is showing while the other is covered and the top of her dress only covers half of her, relating to the message from Temperance of doing things in moderation. This can be about the obvious temptations in our lives such as food, alcohol, nights on the town and general overindulgences, but it can also relate to our emotions, thoughts, fears and the pressure we put on ourselves day to day to perform to a particular level. Many of us over-think matters, worry more than we need to and set ourselves high or unrealistic targets, rather than taking things slower and dealing with issues that arise one at a time or in smaller, more manageable pieces. Temperance reminds us to check our actions, helps us see if we can take an alternative approach to problems and encourages us to keep a level head in the midst of everything going on around us.


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