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The Emperor.

Posted on 28 November, 2019 at 5:10

The Emperor from the Trionfi Della Luna looks to be pompous and self-important. He obviously thinks a lot of himself and believes his way is better than other people's. He has risen to this position of power despite his arrogance and pretentiousness, and if anything those qualities have probably helped him ascend the ranks as he joins similarly minded people in the circles he now moves in. What's interesting is that he has a small dragon on a lead, like some people have a status dog, implying that he's not as confident in himself as he may first appear to be. He needs help and support, just like the rest of us, which may help us to have some sympathy for him despite our initial reaction to his presence. This reminds us that many people in our lives wear masks and act in the way they think they should rather than how they actually want to. This doesn't mean we should excuse their behaviour if it oversteps the mark or breaks rules, but it can help us to understand them a bit better and see the position they're in when expectations have to over-rule their personal preferences.


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