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Tuesday's Soul Card.

Posted on 3 December, 2019 at 4:10

This week's choice of deck is Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin, an oracle deck that encourages us to divine our own meanings from the cards rather than rely on a book to tell us what to think. I tend to do this the majority of the time as I find we can gain much more insight from the cards if we tap into our own intuition rather than just going by what an accompanying book tells us the message is, however having “set meanings” to fall back on can be a useful starting point if we go blank or struggle to see what the cards are trying to tell us at times.

Today's card shows a man with his eyes closed, seemingly peaceful to a casual observer, but it appears that there's much more going on in his mind than we can see at first glance. The screaming faces coming out of his head look to be disturbing and a burden he's having to deal with. He's learnt how to control his outer appearance so other people aren't aware of his internal issues, but this doesn't mean they've gone away; he still needs to deal with them and overcome his problems. How many of us are having to deal with something like this? More than many of us let on to other people I bet! We get by, do our jobs, wear a smile on our faces, but inside we're anxious, scared, upset or worried about the issues we're having to deal with that we're struggling to find a solution to. Over time hopefully we'll manage to deal with most of these matters, but it doesn't take away the effort we need to put into maintaining the status quo in the meantime. This card helps us recognise what we're going through, and much as it can't take away these things, it can encourage us to see them more clearly, evaluate our situation and possibly delegate some of the burdens we're carrying in order to make the load a bit lighter for us for a while.


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