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Thursday's Soul Card.

Posted on 5 December, 2019 at 4:45

Today's Soul Card looks like a big hug, something many of us may need at the moment. With the blue outer circle and the orange/red inner this looks a bit the sun, so it also seems to me it's about keeping the warm in, a great idea at this time of year for a lot of us! The overall feeling I get from this card is we need to look after ourselves, to take care of those who need us, plus ensure we allow time for some self-care. The happier, more content and well we are the more we can be there for other people in our lives too when needed. Looking at this card again the orange middle part has a shape along the top edge, so that looking at it reminds me of a baby's head. This “head” is also being enveloped by the person at the top, so I see a parent's love too, and the rays radiating out from the circle in its forehead relates to the unconditional love a child has. There are so many levels to this card; such a simple looking picture (at first glance) can mean so much to us and cause us to ponder how we can bring aspects of it into our lives and help make changes that will lead to long term improvements.


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