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Thursday's Soul Card.

Posted on 12 December, 2019 at 6:10

This Soul Card really depicts the things going on in this person's mind. They have their eyes closed, concentrating on their thoughts which appear to be quite important to them as they're dominating so much of this picture. How many times do we concentrate more on our thoughts or worries than what's actually going on in life around us? It's healthy for us to contemplate matters, work out strategies and think our plans through, but we don't want to find we're taken over by going over past events or imagining possible future scenarios at the expense of spending time doing the things that are necessary in our lives. Finding balance is, as ever, an important aspect of life. It reminds me of the Temperance card in Tarot, encouraging us to do things in moderation to bring equilibrium and stability into the situation we're dealing with. It's important to carefully consider the issues we need to deal with, but obsessing over them or remaining static and putting the rest of our lives on hold won't help if we don't also act on our plans as well.


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