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The Tower and the 7 of Pentacles.

Posted on 22 January, 2020 at 4:55

The Tower and the 7 of Pentacles are cards with quite different appearances again today. The Tower is dark and foreboding, showing a scene of doom and gloom, whereas the 7 of Pentacles has a smiling farmer taking a rest while he waits for his crops to grow to their full potential. How can the destruction of the Tower lead to the potential abundance of the 7? This reminds us that even the worst, most terrible situations can be recovered from, turned around or have a better long term result than anticipated. The way we react to unexpected events determines if any good can ultimately come from them. We often find what we know and are comfortable with needs to be broken down or torn away from us so we can reassess our lives and what we want out of them so we can start from scratch again, or change direction completely. If we're determined to do our best and to work hard to see our goals become reality then it can be possible to see a positive outcome. It won't happen all at once; we'll need to put in the time and allow things to grow and flourish at their own rate (this isn't something that can be pushed or rushed through at the pace we want), but if we can commit to our dreams and stick to them for the long term, then there are so many things we can be capable of and achieve.


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