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The Magician and The Fool.

Posted on 30 January, 2020 at 6:25

The Magician and The Fool, both from the Major Arcana and the first two cards from the deck, relates too new beginnings for us today. The Magician is busy learning his craft, brushing up on his skills and ensuring everything is in order, while The Fool is setting off on his journey, though about to walk over the edge of the cliff if he doesn't heed the warning of his dog companion! Even if we've prepared for every eventuality, read all the books and done all the courses, nothing compares to actually getting out there and doing it. That's the hard part, the stepping out into the unknown with all the risks and obstacles that come with it. Staying locked away, practising forever won't get us very far, but neither will setting off unprepared, so again we need to find our middle ground (a familiar theme this week!). Looking for the the way that suits us best that will also get us the results we're after is our goal, our dreams are our destination- let's have some fun and go on exciting adventures along the way!


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