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The King of Cups and Knight of Wands.

Posted on 31 January, 2020 at 6:35

The King of Cups makes another appearance today, this time along with the Knight of Wands. The King is quite static, whereas the Knight looks full of energy and raring to go. The figures in these cards are looking at each other as though they're having a staring contest, each wanting to push their methods onto the other without backing down on anything themselves. Even the colours of the cards are in opposition to each other. Too much of one extreme or the other could cause us either to take too long to put our plans into action and follow our dreams, or to rush in too quickly before formulating all our ideas and contingencies properly. Some sort of compromise is needed to get past this stalemate and to start making progress. How can we make changes in our lives in order to get past the obstacles that are holding us back? What can we do to help us realise our dreams in a realistic and practical way? By analysing our situations it can help us see where we can make improvements and give us a new perspective. This in itself can be enough to motivate ourselves and get going again, but sometimes it'll take a bit longer. As long as we can see what needs doing and start taking steps in that direction we'll begin to make progress which will help to keep us going in our pursuit of happiness.


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