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The 10 of Chalices.

Posted on 27 February, 2020 at 4:40

The 10 of Chalices has a lovely feeling of connectedness and harmony to it in this deck. The couple are obviously very in love and secure in each other's company. They don't always have to even speak for the other one to understand what they're feeling or what they need as they're so in-tune. They complete each other, offering help and support when it's needed, and of course they enjoy having fun and going on adventures together. This is a lovely aspiration to have- to be close to our friends, family and partners, to feel comfortable in the company of those closest to us and to feel we're able to call on them for help and advice. This doesn't have to be about just one person; in reality that's a lot to live up to, so in practice it's more likely there'll be several people in our lives we can call and rely on for different things. Sometimes we forget who is special to us and how close we uses to be to people we've grown apart from over time. This card also reminds us to check in with them, to remember we do have people who care about us in our lives and that we can be the ones who reach out to others who need our help.


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