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The Queen of Swords.

Posted on 27 November, 2018 at 7:05

The Queen of Swords shows a widow at a funeral; she looks poised & sure of herself, coping with the things life has thrown at her, but that faraway look in her eyes makes you wonder if she wishes things had gone differently. The suit of Swords relates to thoughts, communication, honesty & clarity, while the Queen of the suit is a strong, confident woman who stands by what she says & does, even if it means she stands alone or has to deal with any unpleasant consequences from her actions. This reminds us to think things through before acting, to make sure we know what we're doing & to be ready to stand firm & defend our actions if necessary further down the line. Good communications between ourselves & those we're dealing with is important, as is conviction in our plans as if we're half-hearted about them then there's not much of a chance of things going the way we had hoped they would.


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