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Epona's Wild Daughter.

Posted on 27 March, 2019 at 7:25

Epona's Wild Daughter is today's card from The Faeries' Oracle and shows a bright member of the fae family leaning on or being held up by another faerie and an owl. There are extremes and opposites in this card; the light and bright sparkling faerie with the darkness surrounding her, plus her apparent comfort compared to those who are holding her up and enabling her to act in this way. This makes me think of how you shouldn't read a book by its cover or jump to conclusions without knowing all of the issues at hand. There are riddles and mysteries to be discovered and solved before we can give a definitive answer or be in a position to be able to cast judgement on others. We need to discover the hidden things holding ourselves or others back before we can move on, embrace and deal with the darker issues we have instead of trying to whitewash them or leave them undealt with in our wake. Once we have a grasp on these, even if we haven't managed to deal with them completely, it means we have a better chance of growing, moving forwards with our lives again and having a plan to work towards which will hopefully lead us to a better version of ourselves over time.


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