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The 8 of Cups.

Posted on 3 July, 2019 at 5:55

I drew another card for myself today, this time the 8 of Cups. My question was “What can I do to improve our finances?” Pack up and leave apparently! I suppose there would be one less mouth to feed in the house then :D :P :D Much as this is a card about leaving behind things that mean a lot to us emotionally, I think (hope?! :D ) my family will be pleased to know I won't be leaving them any time soon :) :P :) How to interpret it then? Mmmmm....it's moving on from something in order to allow myself to start on a new path that could potentially bring in more money. At the moment I write for a phone app, plus I do readings on here. The phone app gives me regular work and pay, but is less inspiring than doing readings for people through our page and website. I could leave the app, but that's my safety net to provide a regular income. If I did this it could free me up to do things that I enjoy more, but how will I then improve my finances? Confusing! Perhaps the card isn't about this at all, perhaps it's about something else in my life? The woman in the card has her bag packed up, so is moving the answer? This is something we'd like to do one day, but we don't know how we could do it yet. One more option I can think of is maybe staying where we are is the answer and forgetting my dreams about living elsewhere. This possibly would make more sense financially, but it would mean sadness could be a result of having to say goodbye to the plans I'd like to put into place in another town some day.

What I like about this is that it shows the importance of framing the question in the right way. Improving our finances doesn't automatically mean we'll be happier. So I could have phrased the question “what can I do to improve our finances and be happy?” or something similar. It's certainly something I'll be thinking about :)


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