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Wednesday's Soul Card.

Posted on 11 December, 2019 at 5:05

The figure on today's Soul Card has three sets of arms and a large amount of blackness where its torso is expected to be. It appears to be cocooned or surrounded by an orange layer that may be holding them in looking at the way four of the hands are reaching out, though their face doesn't look distressed, even if it doesn't look particularly happy either. This seems to be a picture of contradictions; of peace versus conflict, safety versus restriction and plenty versus loss. We can be in a happy, secure relationship, but also be anxious about our relationships with other people, have a home but lack the funds to pay for the necessary bills or have a good job but worry about the direction things are heading in, especially if they're not in our control. How we appear on the outside to other people can be very different to how we're feeling inside; many of us wear masks to cover the turmoil and worries we're dealing with internally. How do we move on from this? That's the question so many people want the answer to. We all have our own ways, and sometimes just being aware of our feelings can be enough to help us get through difficult times. Remembering we're not alone and that there are people, agencies and advice that can help us will hopefully keep us going until we're back on a more even keel again.


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